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Giuseppe Armani was an Italian sculptor born in the village of Calci in 1935. He specialized in both traditional sculpture influenced by the Italian Renaissance and more contemporary styles, including his famous re-imaginings of Disney characters.


Armani Exchange is a trendier and less expensive alternative to other Armani labels. Armani Exchange first launched in 1991, and in 2014 Giorgio Armani announced his intention to make the label into a fast fashion clothing line to compete with Zara, Topshop and similar stores.


There are many collectible black Americana figurines. They include mammy souvenir dolls, 1940s cotton carnival dolls, Aunt Jemima paper dolls and ceramic figurines. The walking African girl doll was made by Pedigree of England in the 1950s and is a collectible today.


The differences between Armani and Emporio Armani include the logo, target audience and design. Armani is one of the most well-known and largest designer fashion brands in the world. Emporio Armani is a popular brand under the Armani umbrella, recognized for modern designs and high-quality products.


It is possible to sell collectible figurines online, in person, or by using a combination of both options. Different options for selling collectible figurines include online marketplaces like figurines.sell4value, eBay, and Craigslist. Other options involve bringing the figurines to a consignment st


To make glass animal figurines, it is essential to heat and mould small glass rods. WetCanvas explains that a torch kit, pressurized oxygen, suitable ventilation system and safety lenses are essential for the process. Glass rods, a graphite plate, tweezers and a kiln or vermiculite to cool the figur


Giuseppe Verdi was an Italian composer who created music during the 19th century. Some of his best-known operas include "Aida," "La Traviata," "Otello" and "Falstaff."


As of 2014, occupied Japan figurines are valued as low as $0.99 and as high as $100 or more. Values of individual figurines fluctuate depending on the rarity of a particular item. Collectors can get a better idea of value from occupied Japan collectible books that include price information.


Some places where shoppers can find bronze figurines include DarbyCreekTrading.com and AllSculptures.com. As of 2015, these websites sell bronze figurines online and ship them to customers.


The value of a Hummel figurine can be found at HummelPriceBook.com. The site notes that it includes a full inventory of Hummel figurines and the ability to access price guides from Greystone Publishing. The site also includes a library for identifying figurines.