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Juliette Gordon Low envisioned an organization that would prepare girls to meet their world with courage, confidence, and character. In 1912, in the midst of the Progressive Era—and at a time when women in the United States couldn’t yet vote—this nearly deaf 51-year-old sparked a worldwide movement inspiring girls to embrace, together, their individuality, strength, and intellect.


8 Facts About The Girl Scouts' History You Didn't Know, In Honor Of The Organization's 103rd Birthday. By Amanda Chatel. Mar 12 2015. Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images.


Girl Scout Facts. Girl Scouts of the USA is committed to strengthening its relationship with faith communities and honoring the religious principles in our program resource material. While Girl Scouts remains secular, we support girls as they pursue their faith. Please see GIRL SCOUTS AND FAITH.


A Pivotal Part of Women's History More than 50 million women in America today enjoyed Girl Scouts during their childhood—and that number keeps on growing as Girl Scouts of the USA continues to inspire, challenge, and empower girls everywhere. ... Discover more interesting facts about Girl Scouts.


Girl Scouts of the USA makes no attempt to define or interpret the word “God” in the Girl Scout Promise. It looks to individual members to establish for themselves the nature of their spiritual beliefs. When making the Girl Scout Promise, individuals may substitute wording appropriate to their own spiritual beliefs for the word "God."


In celebration of Girl Scouts’ 102 nd birthday, we’ve gathered 22 interesting facts about the organization. 1. The founder of Girl Scouts of the USA, Juliette Gordon Low, was born on Oct. 31 ...


Girl Scouts of the USA, the largest voluntary organization for girls in America, is the only major group largely run by women ever since its inception. In 2003, there were 3.8 million Girl Scouts; more than fifty million women and girls have belonged to the organization since its founding on March ...


Take a look at our timeline of Girl Scout milestones throughout history to see the amazing accomplishments we’ve achieved together. Our Movement began in Savannah, Georgia, in March 1912, when a courageous woman named Juliette Gordon Low, 51, made an historic call to her cousin. "Come right over ...


Girl Scout Day is always celebrated on the anniversary of their founding, which took place on March 12, 1912. It was on that date that founder Juliette Gordon Low started the first Girl Scout group in Savannah, Georgia with 18 girls. In honor of the occasion, here are nine fun facts about Girl Scouts. Facts […]


As Girl Scouts of U.S.A. celebrates its 105th anniversary on March 12, 2017, take a look at some facts about the famous youth organization which has been inspiring and encouraging young women for ...