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That’s the thing with pigs, you never really know how big they will actually get. So before you rush out to your local pet shop and purchase a little pig that fits in the palm of your hand, remember that the cute piggy can get pretty big. But if you’re prepared to bring one home, then you're going to need a fantastic name for your pink pet.


Pet pig name suggestions. We asked our followers for name suggestions for pigs and have broke that down in boy and girl names. Obviously you can call your pig whatever you want, but sometimes coming up with the perfect name is tough. Names are very personal and usually have a special meaning, but here are some suggestions to help you get ...


If you’ve got a new pet pig, you know that thinking up funny pig names is challenging. And do you even want to go funny? Would you prefer cute pig names instead, or creative puns? If you're searching for ideas, this list of pig names can help. Any good pig names list should include ...


Female Pig Names . When choosing a name for a girl piglet, you have a variety of options. Several of the more common ideas are borrowed from people. You might be surprised to find that many of your friends, neighbors, and family members share their identity with a pig.


The guinea pig takes on the name of the person it goes to first! Write different names on a few index cards and place them around the room with some guinea pig food; you can even do this in the cage if it’s big enough. Whichever card it eats off first is the name that the guinea pig chooses! Easy, right? I think so!


Best Names for Girl Pot-Bellied Pig 174 items ranked. ... its such a funny name for a girl pig (: Added 8 years ago by guest, -3 points . 58. Arabella Not a common name 6 points - added 9 years ago by guest - 3 comments . Comments: This is what I named my horse when she was born.


Cute, Funny Pig Names?! :)? I really want a pig and might get one. I want to know some cute, funny, names for pigs, but nothing like Ham or Bacon. I like Elvis Pigsley for a guy and Pigi Minaj for a girl. Are there any other names like that? I also like Sir Swine. Plz help, all names are appreciated! Thx!


Positive reinforcement can be in the form of verbal praise, petting, and treats (pigs are very food motivated).If you decide to use a treat to train your pig, make sure you are consistent and give them a treat each time you call their name if they come.Say its name in a higher pitched, happy voice so your pot-bellied pig is more likely to respond to you.


Cute Pig Names . Finding a cute name for your piglets can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. Getting started is the first and most difficult step to finding attractive name options. A good approach is to choose a topic and try to find simple, yet clever, related names.


We offer many pig pet names along with over 20,000 other pet names. You can browse, search, and save your pig pet names until you find that perfect one.