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When naming a new stuffed animal, you should take the animal's appearance and personality into account. Some stuffed animal owners prefer to name their animals traditional human names, while others prefer pet names.


Stuffed animals can be placed inside a mesh laundry bag and cleaned in the washing machine if the care labels indicate that the items are washable. Use a sealable laundry bag and regular laundry detergent to wash and dry the stuffed animal, which takes several hours.


Some stuffed animals can be washed in the washing machine while others can't. Reading the tag is the best way to determine exactly which method is appropriate for washing a specific toy.


Stuffed animals were first created in 1880 by a German company known as Steiff. This company was also among the first to sell teddy bears, after Margarete Steiff made a bear from felt, mohair and wood chips around 1903.


Some dolphin stuffed animals are collectible if a person finds the right dealer or collector. Sea World dolphin stuffed animals can be collectible because of the company associated with the dolphin stuffed animal.


As of September 2015, stuffed animal sewing patterns are available at GoodsHomeDesigns.com, JuniorMagazine.co.uk, TipJunkie.com and StitchedByCrystal.com. These sites include downloadable and printable patterns and detailed instructions to help sewers create a variety of plush animal toys.


A stuffed sloth animal is a lifelike plush stuffed toy created in the image of a real sloth. Some stuffed sloths are flexible for posing. Plush sloth puppets have arms, legs and a mouth that move when manipulated by hand.


Webkinz stuffed animals allow children to own a physical version of a stuffed animal of their choice, while allowing them to play in a virtual world with an online version of the chosen stuffed animal. Each comes with a secret code that allows access to this online world.


Although recipes vary widely according to diet and taste preferences, the best filling for stuffed peppers typically includes flavorful ingredients like meat, aromatic vegetables, spices, grains and cheese. The filling can be customized by using beans or tofu instead of meat or diced sweet potatoes


A wombat stuffed animal is a soft toy that is made in the likeness of a wombat. Wombats are pouched mammals, or marsupials, found in Australia and other islands nearby.