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Some gift ideas appropriate for a 60-year-old man include planning a hobby-related activity.. Old photographs, a bottle of wine and comfortable clothes are other appropriate gifts.


Examples of dress styles that suit women over 60 include the draped dress, the sheath, the wrap and dresses with sleeves. Other appropriate dress styles are lacy dresses and v-neck dresses.


Retirement gift ideas for women include gift certificates, getaways, spa packages, and chocolate. For a more personalized gift, consider something that reflects her line of work and appreciates the years she devoted to it, or have co-workers add anecdotes, memories or signatures.


There is no specific flower that women over 60 years old like, and preference depends on the woman. Popular flowers that are enjoyed by many women and make great gifts include freesias, tulips and lilacs. Other women may enjoy herbs or a plant.


Pedometers, gift certificates for running shoes, cardigan sweaters, and various skincare products make good gift choices for women over age 50, according to the Huffington Post. Alternatively, unique kitchen items can be a good gift choice.


Some thoughtful gifts for pregnant women include practical accessories that ease pregnancy-related discomfort, educational parenting materials, and tools to commemorate and record the pregnancy, according to BabyCenter. These include gifts such as anti-morning sickness kit, maternity pillows, and ph


Women trying to lose weight after the age of 60 should follow a diet that emphasizes plenty of protein, according to WebMD. A healthy diet includes whole foods, such as vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, and limits sugar and saturated fat.


Chicos.com, OldPuebloTraders.com, BuckandBuck.com and Silverts.com are examples of online resources for clothing for senior women. Each of these stores sells a different style of clothing for senior women.


Women over 60 should focus on keeping hair healthy and well-groomed, according to beauty experts. While hair does tend to change over time, lifestyle factors and genetics can also affect how hair looks and feels.


Some homemade gift ideas for women include a necklace, candles and salt scrub. These ideas require few supplies and are quick and easy to make.