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Great gifts for men over 50 include an iPad, a leather bomber jacket, a personalized shaving set, a set of flavored olive oils and classic comic books from the 1960s and 1970s. The gift recipient may prefer certain gifts over others based on personal taste.


Some gift ideas appropriate for a 60-year-old man include planning a hobby-related activity.. Old photographs, a bottle of wine and comfortable clothes are other appropriate gifts.


Some possibilities of birthday gifts for men include clothing, such as ties and jackets, sports gear, watches and car accessories. Additional ideas are power tools, books and tech gadgets.


Classic jewelry pieces such as watches and earrings make great gifts for a woman turning 40. It may also be suitable to give the woman one of the items from her bucket list.


A shot glass with a short message like "Happy 60th Birthday" and the name of the guest of honor makes an ideal party favor. A mint tin that features a birthday message and a picture of the guest of honor is an attractive favor as well.


Personal items such as photo albums, engraved jewelry or furniture are a few gift ideas for in-laws. Choosing a gift for an in-law can be challenging if the in-laws live far away from a family. It's hard to know what the in-laws may need or want most when there is no interaction with them on a regul


Good gift ideas for a wife include an antique locket, pearl earrings, a cashmere sweater or tickets to a concert or play. Buying a wife purses, shoes or clothing is always a good idea, but the husband must know her favorite designers and sizes.


PersonalizationMall.com offers personalized, romantic gifts for men. Shoppers can buy items like boxer shorts, men's robes, fishing lures, golf balls, and coffee mugs and personalize these gifts with customized photos, messages, engravings and embroidered monograms.


For the man who's turning 50, receiving gift certificate to a favorite retailer will likely be greatly appreciated. Gift certificates are very safe gift options that allow the recipients to choose exactly what they want. Perhaps a gift certificate from a wine shop or a local bookstore might give the


Because the 50th birthday is considered a milestone, gifts tend to be more elaborate and focus on the milestone as it relates to the individual interests of the person turning 50. Common gifts include watches, grills, tools and nostalgic newspapers that focus on his date of birth. Other popular gift