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Tin is an element that is made up of the mineral cassiterite and mined from the crust of the earth. The combination of cassiterite and carbon in a high heat setting forms the type of tin that is used in modern applications.


Today, most tin comes from southeast Asia and countries such as China, Indonesia, Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. Although tin was mined in England and the United States at one point in history, most tin is now found in the southern hemisphere, as there are no remaining substantial deposits in the norther


Ghana's topography is mainly divided into four physical regions: coastal plain, coastline, forest belt and dry savanna. The country's landscape is predominantly made up of low-lying plains with a severely eroded upland area in south-central Ghana. Two of the most prominent lakes in Ghana are Lake Bo


As of 2014, 85.4 percent of Ghana’s more than 25 million people are part of four main tribes: Akan, Mole-Dagbon, Ewe and Ga-Dangme. Another 13 percent is made up of the Gurma, Guan, Grusi and Madne Busanga tribes. Various other tribes constitute the remaining 1.6 percent of Ghana’s population.


Charities that benefit young girls in Ghana include the Wulugu Project, the Ghana Education Project and Bikes for Ghana. Each of these programs promotes female education in one way or another.


The Ghana Empire amassed large volumes of gold and resources, expanded trade among nations near and far, established a structured court system and introduced standard military organization. The Ghana Empire, also called the Kingdom of Ghana, enjoyed significant power from the ninth century to the 11


"Jehovah Overdo" is a song by Cwesi Oteng about showing gratefulness to God for the many blessings He has given his children. "Afunum Ba" is a Ghanan gospel song in the Twi language by Cecilia Marfo that celebrates how God brings meaning to people's lives.


A TIN is a taxpayer identification number. It is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service or the Social Security Administration to identify American taxpayers and citizens. When issued from the SSA, the TIN is an SSN or a social security number.


According to 2010 estimates, 71.2 percent of Ghana's 26.3 million citizens are Christians, of whom more than one-fourth identify as practitioners of Pentecostal or Charismatic Christianity, by far the largest group of Christians in the country. Additionally, nearly 18 percent of Ghanaian citizens pr


One of the most famous cultural achievements of ancient Ghana was the beautiful gold jewelry they created. They were tolerant of different faiths and traditions and had a fairly elaborate system of government overseen by a king.