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High school age kids are jokers, so a silly question such as, "What if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?" is the perfect thing to ask them. Suggested by Wattpad, this question combines two popular icons - Batman and vampires - into a single, silly question.


There are a variety of mediums where you can find quiz practice questions for kids. Quiz practice questions are found on flash cards, printable worksheets, and in several different subjects online.


"If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?", "What super power would you most like to have?" and "What is the worst gift you've ever received?" are some kid-friendly truth or dare questions. Truth questions and dare examples are available on BirthdayPartyIdeas4Kids.com and Queen-Of-Th


Jeopardy and other trivia questions for kids can be found online at sites such as JeopardyLabs and PBS. These tools can be utilized by students as well as by teachers who wish to include the questions in lesson plans.


The '80s were epic — it’s as simple as that. Neon-colored leg warmers were all the rage, it was cool to be a latchkey kid and you could ride a bike without a helmet. Today's kids have 24/7 Internet access and smart devices, but '80's kids lived in a world filled with wild imagination and exhilaratin


Get online math help for kids on Math.com, MathsIsFun.com and KidsMathGamesOnline.com, as of 2015. All three websites feature free math interactive activities and printable resources. Math.com provides worksheets and other resources for arithmetic, algebra and geometry. KidsMathGamesOnline.com featu


China is home to more people than any other country in the world, with a population of 1.3 billion or about 20 percent of the world's population. China is also home to giant pandas, long-eared jerboas, white dolphins, Asiatic golden cats and Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys.


According to Nick.com, some questions that could be on a best friend forever quiz for kids are: "How long have you and your bestie been friends?" and, "What's your absolute favorite thing to do with your BFF?" as well as, "It's your BFF's birthday, what do you get them?"


Before you can tell them that you got a C- in geography or that you once thought the word XING on the road was pronounced “Zing,” your children will see you as a perfect human knowledge-dispensing machine. And they will ask you a lot of questions. Before you can tell them that you got a C- in geogra


Learn the dos and don'ts of throwing your child a birthday bash. Learn the dos and don'ts of throwing your child a birthday bash. Here are some frequently asked questions about throwing a kid&aposs birthday party: That depends on the age of your birthday baby. For the very first parties -- 1 and 2 y