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WhatMommyDoes.com offers a wide variety of free, printable adult coloring pages; the link has been re-pinned thousands of times on Pinterest.com, reflecting its popularity. Artist Carlton Hibbert's PatternsForColouring.com is another website that is well-stocked with hundreds of free, printable patt


As long as you do not intend to sell or profit from the pages on the Internet, you can download and print nearly any image you wish to use as a coloring page for kids. Pages can be acquired by searching for images on the Internet, saving the images and printing them on your printer.


GroceryLists.org and FreePrintableGroceryList.com offer free printable shopping lists. Organized Home offers a free printable shopping list template for users to fill in as they see fit.


The Internal Revenue Service provides free printable tax forms on the official IRS.gov website. You can find current-year tax forms, tax forms for previous years and locate some of the most-used tax forms.


Employers can get printable W-2 forms online but should not file those unofficial printed forms because they cannot be scanned, according to the IRS. To get official W-2s for filing, employers should use the IRS website page headlined Online Ordering for Information Returns and Employer Returns.


Three websites that collectively offer dozens of free printable family tree forms include Ancestry.com, Family Tree Magazine and Family Tree Templates. These websites offer online forms ranging from simple, individual family records to detailed, ten-generation family tree charts.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends asking a doctor or pharmacist for immunization record forms, or downloadable, printable forms are found at the CDC website. Vertex42 has a printable vaccination record template for use with Excel.


Free printable monthly expense sheets are available on Frugal Mama and About.com. There are also several expense sheet templates available to download and print through Google Drive.


Coupons for Just for Men hair color are available through the Just for Men Rewards newsletter, as of 2015. Customers receive a $2 coupon for registering for the program, along with additional coupons, special offers, surveys and brand updates thereafter.


Printable W-9 tax forms are available online from a number of providers, including the Internal Revenue Service and Modern Business Associates. The forms are available for print and download for free in PDF format.