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This post was first written in 2014 as 20+ Things You Can Get Rid of Without Even Missing, and in 2016 was expanded to 40+ things and separated into 4 different sections for better readability. It continues to serve as the main post that ties the others together.


One of the biggest reasons we hold onto clutter is because we’re not sure when we can get rid of things. Most items don’t come with an expiration date, and once we take something into our home, we tend to want to make use of it—even if we clearly have no need for it. Some items, however, are clearly destined for the trash heap.


How to Part With Things You Don't Want to Get Rid Of. Have an item you think you should get rid of but find yourself wanting to keep for some reason? Here are some tips to help you let it go. Make decluttering a habit. It's easier to part...


CLOTHES TO GET RID OF! What You Don't Need Kayleena. ... get rid of it! Hope these all give you inspiration to organize and de-clutter your closet while starting to build one that actually ...


Stop Household Clutter: 50 Things to Get Rid of Right Now. Ready to declutter your house? Start here with these items you're sure not to miss. ... If you think you might return it or need to keep a reciept for a warranty, try scanning the receipts and keeping copies online instead of an old shoebox. From: Ellen Foord.


Downsizing: How to Get Rid of Stuff You Don't Need. By Lynda Shrager. In This Series. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Think Pink and Think Organized! How This Mother Became the Organized ...


Getting rid of things is the hardest part of decluttering. Do you have any online facebook groups or other places where you can offer things you don’t need to people who could really use them? This is often a great way to let go of things that are cluttering up your own home because you know they are going to a good place.


Getting started with decluttering your home or before moving, consider how to get rid of the clutter fast including things with sentimental value. Getting rid of stuff feels good! Find out how to let go of what you no longer need or want with these 3 options to get rid of stuff.


Whether you’re trying to declutter a closet, a whole room or your entire house, these ideas might help next time you need to get rid of stuff. Make a list of acceptable “must-keep” things When absolutely no item-tossing-out decisions need to be made, make a list of the things you do consider to be important and worth holding on to.


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