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This will ensure that no sharp pieces of coconut shell will fly out of the towel once you begin to hammer the coconut. If you have driven a hole through your coconut and nothing is coming out, then make a hole on the opposite side of the coconut while it's draining. This will release the air lock inside the coconut and the juice will drain out.


If you don't have access to a coconut shredder, you can scrape the inside of the coconut with a sharp knife or a fork. You can also pry off the meat with a butter knife. Just press it in between the meat and the shell, then pry away. Make sure to hold the coconut firmly and be careful of your fingers.


How to Hollow Out a Coconut. A hollow coconut makes a great house for a hermit crab, and can also be used as a birdhouse. It can also be used as a festive decoration for any party, or for just clapping the empty halves together, and...


Nature made coconuts tough to open for the same reason it did other seeds -- to protect the embryo. When you open a coconut to extract its prized flesh, or endosperm, you have to go through several layers of protection: the outer skin, the husk, the shell and the seed skin.


Drop it on a large rock until the coconut breaks in two. Most of the coconut meat will separate from the shell when the coconut cracks. If any of the meat remains in the shell, insert your pocket knife blade between the coconut shell and the meat and twist. Repeat until the remaining coconut meat is out of the shell.


Is there a way to remove the white meat from a coconut without breaking the shell in half? We are trying to use the shell, and don't care much about the meat. So we want to get rid of the meat and have a whole, uncracked shell. ... Can you open a coconut and get the milk out without breaking the whole shell? More questions.


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Once your coconut is open you need to remove the meat. In Polynesia they have a device to scrape the meat out of the shell. This scraping produces shredded coconut. Instead of using such a device, I use a sturdy paring-like knife to cut out small chunks of coconut.


When it comes to extracting coconut milk from a fresh coconut, a common misconception is that all you need to do is pierce the black “eyes” on the top of the coconut and the milk will come flowing out. Actually, extracting milk from a coconut takes a little bit more work than just piercing the black “eyes” but the results are worth it!