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Survey to get to know your co-workers, paraprofessionals, instructional assistants, teaching assistants, etc.Includes get to know you questions:favorite colorfavorite Starbucks drinkfavorite breakfast foodfavorite smellsfavorite sweet/salty treatsfavorite restaurants favorite sports teamshobbiesimpo


Please list some of your favorite thingsso that your manager or supervisor may get to know you better. Please fill in (the blanks, if applicable.) a) Favorite drink . b) Favorite snack . c) Favorite dessert . d) Favorite food . e) Favorite restaurant f) Favorite retail store . g) Favorite flower ...


What is the most impressive thing you know how to do? What do you wish you knew more about? What question would you most like to know the answer to? Somewhat personal questions to get to know someone What question can you ask to find out the most about a person? When was the last time you changed your opinion / belief about something major?


Any other tid-bits or info that you’d like me to know about? _____ _____ _____ The end! Page 1 of 2. C:\My Documents\Phonathon\Surveys\Get to know ya sheets.doc. Title: Orientation---Get to Know Ya Sheet Author: User Last modified by: User Created Date: 8/21/2000 6:26:00 PM Company: George Fox University Other titles: Orientation---Get to ...


Through this Employee Favorites Questionnaire, you can get to know more about your employees; which color, which sports team, which movie, which food, which animal is their favorite, their coffee preferences and more. It can be a creative and simple way to engage more with your employees and increase the overall engagement throughout the company.


Fun Ideas for Getting to Know Coworkers. Whether you are new at a company or among an entirely new group of employees, working relationships can be tense until you get to know one another. Humor and lighthearted activities can help break the ice so you can work best as a team and begin successful, profitable working ...


If you winced at the word, “icebreaker,” I don’t blame you. Get-to-know-you questions and games tend to feel cheesy. We’ve all been victim to a terribly trite icebreaker with coworkers that made us roll our eyes. I know I have. However reluctantly, you may have realized that you need to break the ice at work.


If you’re looking for some funny get to know you questions, you’re in the right place. However long you’ve been putting yourself out there and meeting new people — possibly with the hope of meeting the love of your life — it helps to have some ice-breakers handy. And questions like the following are less


If you are looking to get to know someone even better, you can jump to the next set of questions. The next set of questions is a little more personal or in-depth. You probably wouldn’t want to ask these questions to folks you just met, but they are perfect for friends you want to get to know a little better.


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