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When a coworker is retiring, it is generally a good idea to thank them and wish them a happy retirement. The message also depends on how closely the two coworkers collaborated and the nature of their relationship.


To deal with a person who is constantly negative, try maintaining a positive attitude, and reply to negative comments with very positive ones, suggests DailyWorth. If the person is also negative about other coworkers, mention their positive attributes to dissuade further negativity. Dealing with a p


Interpersonal issues with coworkers can be handled by addressing the source of tension with the individual, identifying the reason for the animosity, inviting a mediator to assist in creating a dialogue and finding ways to avoid that individual. Coworkers might dislike each other for several reasons


Writing a thank you note consists of knowing who to send the note to, what to say and when to send. Starting the note is the hardest part, but if it is broken down into easy to understand steps, anyone can create a beautifully handwritten thank you note.


For a general letter of recommendation, focus on generalized qualifications for the job category for which your coworker is applying. If writing a letter for a specific job, refer to the job posting or description to note specific job skills that you can include in your letter, suggests About.com.


Good Christmas gift choices for co-workers include desk accessories, coffee mugs, food gift baskets and gifts tied to those co-workers' personal interests or hobbies. If a fellow workers choose to exchange secret Santa or secret angel gifts, these should be kept simple and low cost. For example, a C


Gift ideas for a colleague's retirement include hobby-related items, keepsakes, work memorabilia or gift cards. The budget, relationship with the colleague and personal preferences of the recipient help narrow down the gift options.


When writing a retirement card for a co-worker, the language should have a positive, encouraging tone, and the message should be focused on gratitude for the person's work or encouragement for the future. Unless she is a close personal friend, the message should be concise.


Say goodbye to coworkers with individual messages or in-person goodbyes to make the farewell a personal one, especially for close colleagues. Keep the message brief and upbeat to leave on a positive note, even if the departure isn't your idea.


There are many ways to say goodbye to coworkers, and they range from humorous to sweet and earnest. The best goodbye quotes to coworkers use special knowledge of the person's history or performance to make the quote memorable.