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"You Didn't Have To," "Priorities" and "Thank You!" are some examples of gratitude poems for co-workers. "What is a Boss?" is suitable for thanking a supervisor, while WishesMessages.com contains several anonymous poems for thanking co-workers.


Statements that poke fun at the retiree's attitudes towards employment and retirement are appropriate for a coworker's retirement. Platitudes such as "Hard work never killed anyone, but why chance it?" or "I don't have a solution, but I do admire the problem," are funny one-liners, says Not Tension.


According to Hallmark, birthday wishes to a co-worker depend on one's relationship to the person celebrating a birthday. For a friend's birthday, special wishes can be a bit casual, but for a supervisor, birthday wishes are more formal. One example of a birthday wish is: “Happy Birthday and all the


When choosing Secret Santa gifts for a coworker start by thinking about his or her likes and interests. These gifts can be purchased or handmade by those people with a creative side.


Appropriate farewell gifts for coworkers include gift baskets and scrapbooks full of memories made within the workplace. Pictures and personalized frames are also appropriate.


These celebs make dating a coworker look easy. We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Promise.


Jumping to a colleague’s aid often backfires. Russell Johnson of Michigan State University and his coresearchers asked managers to track the help they gave colleagues over 10 days and how recipients responded. The team found that when people lent a hand without being asked, they were less likely to


Not judgment. When you’re under extreme stress, it’s not always easy to be patient and understanding with your coworkers. But judging them doesn’t help either. So how do you find and show empathy for your colleagues when your cognitive resources are depleted? First, accept that we’re all coping with


Do you have a toxic co-worker or boss in your office? Here's how to set boundaries and keep them from limiting your potential. Being a team player is a delicate balance of doing well for yourself and those around you. What if you're around someone who is hindering those goals? Having a toxic co-work


Life Being best friends with your coworkers is often romanticized — think The Office or Parks & Recreation, or any other workplace based sitcom where friendship reigns supreme. Reality is a little different. Sure, sometimes people are BFFs with their coworkers, and that's fine. But more often than n