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What is something you're really good at? What do you not like about your room? What would you change about yourself? What household chore are ...


May 19, 2017 ... Use or adapt these survey questions to suit your grade-level and classroom needs.


Ask students to raise their hands if they have all 15 questions answered. If no one raises a hand, keep going (14, 13, 12) until you can collect a paper with the most  ...


1. 90 Questions to Get to Know Others. Whenever you're meeting new people, or want to develop a deeper relationship with people you already know, it's often ...


These questions are about you, your education and the time you have spent in teaching. ... e) I usually know how to get through to students. ..... □1. □2. □3. □4 .


let students know we care deeply about them and their learning. ... What questions do you have at the moment that ... What do you think when you get up every.


Fun ESL asking questions activities, games and worksheets to help your ... The students line up in their teams, according to the criteria you call out. ... The first player to ge...


Not only that, but they appreciate a teacher's sincere effort to get to know their child, ... Questionnaire PDF to give the parents an opportunity to share with you.


100 Questions Managers Can Ask to Get to Know Staff Better. Employ www. trivworks.com. How are your children/parents? Where did you and your husband  ...


Getting to Know You games are part of every level of Guiding. ... You can use this as a trivia game and insert questions related to the program work that you are ...