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Looking for some better get-to-know-you questions to use with your co-workers? Whether you want to talk careers or get a little more personal, these can help.


It is fine on the printable. Would You Rather… Get a lot of valentines from people you don't know very well. or.


Aug 30, 2020 ... One common idea for helping students connect to each other is asking them to answer some get to know you questions and then spotlighting ...


But now, he does half the questions so I get to be surprised too. I'll text him a day or two ... Check out more FREE Printables we have available for you! 2.4Kshares. Pintere...


Dec 31, 2020 ... If you want to get shy students communicating in English, sometimes the best ... When they ask a question and get a yes answer, they mark X on their ... Do you k...


Sometimes it's hard to know what questions to ask, or you get stuck in a rut asking the same things every day. These questions will get the conversation going!


Aug 29, 2017 ... Now you can download our PDF and get all the questions that were on the calendar. (We also have a blank version available.) This is an easy ...


Dec 5, 2011 ... My worksheets mainly focus on speaking activities because I think conversation is the most important skill for communication. You won't find ...


Jul 12, 2017 ... You are here: Home / Printables / Printable Conversation Questions Card ... by answering the questions and getting to know each other better.


Rapid fire questions spark lively discussions when getting to know the folks you work with. These are sure to inform and delight from Elfster.