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Tagged is a social network designed to help online users meet people with similar interests outside of their offline social groups. Launched in 2004, Tagged allows users to write in an online journal, play games, watch videos and connect with other users.


Tag Away is marketed as a homeopathic remedy to remove skin tags. However, there is insufficient evidence to support the claims of its efficacy, explains Harriet Hall for Science-Based Medicine.


A call tag is a type of prepaid return label that can be attached to an item for return. It is usually given by companies so that a customer can return merchandise via mail without the need to purchase another label. UPS offers UPS Return labels, rather than call tags.


Skin tags appear at points where skin rubs on skin, according to Everyday Health. Because these intersection points are more common on overweight people, skin tags often appear in the folds of their skin. Other causes include wearing tight clothes.


According to Healthline, skin tags are harmless growths consisting of fibrous tissue and blood vessels that can develop on the skin of the neck, chest, groin, armpits, stomach and eyelids. Skin tags are typically similar in color to the surrounding skin and are common in obese individuals and pregna


It is believed that skin tags develop as a result of friction between the skin and clothing. Skin tags are generally seen on the underarms, neck, groin folds and upper chest, although they can also be present on the eyelids, according to eMedicineHealth.


As of 2014, Florida requires cars to have tags. Out-of-state residents must register their cars to obtain Florida tags within 10 days of having employment in Florida, placing their children in Florida public schools or establishing residency in Florida.


To make custom number tags, use a Silhouette die cut machine to cut numbers out of card stock, and press the numbers into flat circles of polymer clay to form an outline. Cut a small circle in the top of the clay for string. Fill the number outline in with paint after baking the clay, and tie string


To tag someone on Facebook, start typing the person's name in a status update, or comment on a post and select his name from the options in the drop-down menu. This creates a link in the post to his Facebook profile.


One way to remove small skin tags is to use a medication that freezes them and causes them to fall off after seven to 10 days, according to Medical News Today. Other ways to remove skin tags include cauterization, ligation and excision.