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This post may contain affiliate links. Learn how to get rid of static cling naturally, without the use of harsh, expensive chemicals. These 8 simple and effective solutions will surprise you. Are you trying to “green” your laundry routine, but still wondering how to get rid of static cling ...


Best not to go that route. Instead, we’ve gathered up this list of natural remedies for static electricity to help you keep away the static cling and the icky chemicals! Vinegar. 1/4 C Vinegar can be added to you wash and/or rinse cycle to get rid of static cling (and whiten whites, get rid of odors and so much more!). Borax


Static cling is the result of electrical charges that build up in your clothes due to dryness, friction, and other similar causes. There are a few tricks to use that will get rid of static cling quickly, but you may also want to consider more long-term solutions if static cling is a big problem in your wardrobe.


Ever since moving up north, static cling has become the bane of my existence. Of course before switching to all-natural products we used dryer sheets, so static in the laundry was never really an issue. But now that I know the dangers of dryer sheets (more on that below) I’ve had to resort to more natural ways to get rid of static cling.


Spray it on your garment to get rid of the static charge. Method 4: Mist with Water. If you do not want to spray any kind of solution on your favorite clothing, plain water should do the trick, too. Simply dampening the area will get rid of static cling on clothes.


Static cling is most common in the winter when the air is dry and lacks humidity. Hence, a humidifier can really help you get rid of static cling from your dress. If you are looking for a more natural home remedy for getting rid of static from your clothes, then just hang the washed clothes in the bathroom as humidity is higher here. 8.


However, static cling is a bit more complicated that just getting rid of our own static. So if we as humans were to attempt to get rid of static, at least our own personal static, all we really have to do is ground ourselves out, right? That would get rid of our immediate surface static, but it wouldn’t deal with any future charges.


Natural wool dryer balls are one option to naturally prevent static cling, but may not work the best. You have better options available that include using regular tin foil. If this is not preferred, then another option to consider is making your own dryer bag to prevent static cling.


This happens to everyone, and we all want to know how to get rid of static cling. Some may spend quite a while figuring out what to wear to find out in the end that the skirt will cling to their legs and the shirt will get stuck to the bra.


Diy Natural's homemade fabric softener is made with vinegar. It actually serves double duty as fabric softener and static reducer in the laundry. When used in the rinse cycle of the wash, most users will see a reduction in static cling after clothes go through the dryer.