To get rid of roaches, apply sticky traps, clean the entire house, dry wet areas, and use boric acid to kill the remaining roaches. Roach bait can be used instead of boric acid, if desired. More »

When roaches invade a house, it's important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. These dirty insects damage books and wallpaper, snack on your food and spread germs to humans. More »

Use gel bait to eliminate German cockroaches. The bait should be placed in areas where the roaches are often seen. Use new batches of bait every few weeks for new roaches that can hatch during that time. Then, ensure tha... More »

Some good remedies to kill roaches include using sticky traps, roach motels, glue bait and boric acid. In order to find the roaches, use a flashlight. Roaches often hide in crevices of cabinets, in corners of closed door... More »

Borax contains boric acid, a substance that is toxic to roaches. When a roach comes into contact with Borax, the powdery substance sticks to the insect's body. As the roach cleans itself, it ingests the powder and dies w... More »

To get rid of sewer roaches, give the house a thorough cleaning, set contained bait traps, and surround the nest with boric acid. Getting rid of sewer roaches can be difficult, so contact a professional for persistent in... More »

Using sticky traps, bait stations and boric acid mixed with flour and water are some effective ways to get rid of water bugs and roaches. Sticky traps are non-toxic options. More »