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One of the most common complaints people have about their fingernails is ridges. These can take the form of thin, raised, unpigmented lines that run lengthwise on the nail, from cuticle to tip, or raised areas that extend across the nail. Fingernail ridges are very common in people of all ages, but they tend to appear more often with age.


7 Ways To Reduce Fingernail Ridges. While nail ridges appear naturally as you grow older, here's how you can make them less noticeable.


With the popularity of gel nails and glitter polishes, it might seem impossible to ever achieve totally healthy nails. Fortunately, with these tips for how to get rid of fingernail ridges, you can ...


getting rid of fingernail ridges means removing the ridges or atleast minimizing the appearance of bummpy lines on your nails. It can be done by buffing the nails or even by using a ridge filler base coat for vertical ridges on fingernails


Causes of Horizontal Fingernail Ridges Horizontal lines which run across the fingernail are known as Horizontal fingernail. Often it is known as beau’s line fingernails. It is a rare condition; people often get vertical lines on nails but few people do get horizontal ridges on fingernails. Some of the causes are:


Vertical ridges are not really a cause of concern as they are considered common and harmless. However, horizontal ridges and depressions over the nail plate could be associated with a major medical problem. There are certain home remedies like mentioned below, that you may use to get rid of nail ridges. Avoid Any Nail Injuries


Also, if you are in a field where appearance matters, you can also use nail ridge filler to get rid of the ridges There are cases where people subconsciously pick on the thumb cuticle with their index nail.


Poor absorption of vitamins or unhealthy diets will lead to vitamin deficiencies. Consult your doctor for further opinion if you have ridges on your nails. How to Get Rid of Lines on Nails. Below are I6 way on how to get rid of lines on nails as explained by Dr. Allison Cannon in his article in the HealthScope Magazine: Natural remedies ...


Getting rid of fingernail ridges. Drink plenty of water. Eat a healthy diet and take a good multivitamin and make sure you are getting plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids (1/4 cup walnuts a day or a fish oil capsule should do the trick). Lubricate your nails daily by rubbing jojoba or vitamin E oils on the cuticles;


If you want to get rid of fingernail ridges, start drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. This is because, dehydration and lack of moisture are among the possible causes for such nail ridges. Adopt a balanced diet with lots of veggies. You may also take vitamin supplements, if needed.