To get rid of cockroaches naturally, use baking soda and sugar to kill the roaches. Other natural items that help to kill the roaches include using boric acid or making non-toxic bait. More »

Get rid of cockroaches by taking away their food supply, eliminating hiding places, drying up standing water and using poison. Sealing cracks and other openings to the outside prevents them from entering your home. More »

To eliminate German cockroaches, clean the home thoroughly, and use a vacuum to remove any visible roaches. After cleaning, apply bait-style insecticide throughout the home. Spray insecticide can be used to quickly reduc... More »

Some ways to get rid of cockroaches quickly include exterminators, adhesive-based traps and poisonous roach baits. Exterminators can help to get rid of cockroaches quickly and permanently, as they may eradicate the nest.... More »

Some natural ways to get rid of roaches include maintaining house cleanliness and killing the roaches with a hedge apple. The use of diatomaceous earth and a cockroach trap also help kill roaches naturally. More » Home & Garden Pest Control Invasive Insects

It takes about two weeks to get rid of a modest infestation of cockroaches, but it can take up to eight weeks to get rid of a heavy infestation, according to Pest Kill. However, there is no definitive time frame because ... More »

An effective home remedy for killing cockroaches consists of a combination of Borax and sugar applied along baseboards, under cabinets, in cracks, under the sink and anywhere cockroaches live. Cockroaches die as a result... More »