Using cold compresses, treating underlying conditions or getting surgery are options to eliminate bags under the eyes. Cold compresses are a temporary solution that provides some relief quickly, while treating underlying... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

Limit salt intake, manage allergies, change sleep positions, remove makeup before bed, drink alcohol cautiously and protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays to reduce under-eye bags. Use cool compresses on the eyes, such a... More »

To get rid of undereye circles, sleep with two pillows, apply a cold compress, and lighten the skin with natural ingredients. Select the appropriate eye cream based on the underlying cause, and take a multivitamin. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Get rid of puffy eyelids by drinking a lot of water, placing tea bags, cucumbers and potatoes under the eyes, and applying cool compresses. It may take a few days or a couple of weeks to see results. More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

To reduce the appearance of swelling around the eyes, apply an ice pack or cold water to the affected area, and place green tea bags on the eyes for several minutes. Using over-the-counter products that reduce swelling o... More »

Common home remedies used to treat bags under the eyes include applying cool tea bags, cucumber slices, cotton balls soaked in lavender oil or witch hazel and slightly cooled teaspoons to the eye area to reduce puffiness... More »

Cucumber slices, egg whites, shredded potato, cold packs and chilled tea bags are ways to reduce puffy eyes in the morning. Puffy eyes are caused by fluid build up under the thin skin of the eyes, and the remedies disper... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care