Record expungement is state-specific and can only be done once a person is eligible for expungement, according to Eligibility is based on aspects such as the amount of time that has passed since the conviction, ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

You cannot expunge your criminal records online because the process involves filing papers with the court and going to a hearing, as noted by Mayer Law Office, L.L.C. However, some states may allow you to pay the filing ... More »

To expunge governmental records, request a copy of your complete criminal record, then confirm that the offenses are eligible for sealing or removal. Finally, file the appropriate documents and attend the hearing if nece... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The primary method of removing an arrest record is through an expungement of the entire criminal record, according to Nolo. The most common form of expungement is via a certificate of actual innocence, which not only rem... More » Government & Politics Public Records

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While almost all states allow the expungement of certain criminal records, the process by which this is done varies from state to state, Nolo reports. Usually, the process starts by filing a petition for expungement with... More »

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