People can get paid for driving around with advertisements on their cars. The programs are usually referred to "get paid to drive" promotions. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Advertising

Working as an Uber driver, a taxi driver or a commercial truck driver are some ways to get paid to drive. With some driving jobs, you can use your own car. For others, you drive a car or truck owned by the taxi or trucki... More » Business & Finance Careers Career Aspirations

A driveaway is an auto delivery service that transports cars from one region of the country to another, explains Money Talks News. These companies allow you to drive a car across the country free, although you pay for th... More »

The company Carvertise pays drivers to place advertisements on their cars. However, as of December, 2015, many advertising companies have abandoned this form of marketing because it is not as profitable as other advertis... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Advertising

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To find classified advertisements for Hawaii, visit websites such as, or, select the specific location in Hawaii, and then browse the advertisements. Advertisem... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Advertising

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