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Any employer can request a wage and tax statement form, or a W-2 form, from the online ordering website of the Internal Revenue System. The employer can then file the W-2 and the W-3 forms electronically on the Social Security Administration's website. Employees who wan...


Open a web browser, and enter "IRS.gov" into the search bar. Find the search field on the IRS site, enter W-2, and hit return.


Find free W-2 forms online via the Internal Revenue Service’s official website, as of 2015. The Social Security Administration’s website also offers downloadable W-2 forms and instructions.


As of 2015, a copy of prior-year W-2 forms can be ordered online through the Internal Revenue Service for a fee. Form 4506 must be filled out to receive a copy of the entire tax return, including Form W-2, according to the IRS.


You may have the ability to get a copy of your W-2 form online through the employer that issued it, the IRS explains. The IRS provides copies of W-2 forms attached to the completed copies of a taxpayer's return when a taxpayer requests a copy of his return.


W-2 forms can be ordered for free from the IRS using its online order form. Tax preparation software may also have copies of W-2 forms included in the package. Taxpayers may obtain W-2 forms from Office Max or Staples, but those forms are not free.


The IRS provides a tool called the Get Transcript tool that makes it easy to get a W-2 form online. In order to use the tool, a user will need to know his or her Social Security number and other personal information.