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Birth certificates can be obtained by approaching the state or city public health department or the vital records department, depending on the area. Some municipalities may charge fees for issuing a birth certificate.


Birth certificates may vary slightly in appearance from state to state, but there is certain information that must be included on all birth certificates for them to be accepted as official documents by the U.S. government. The birth certificate must have a person's date of birth, place of birth, ful


Birth certificate numbers are given to children at birth as a means of identification. Birth certificate numbers are located and labeled on every birth certificate. These numbers are never changed, which is why some children can use the numbers when they search for their birth parents.


A long-form birth certificate is a vital record written on legal-sized paper or multiple pages. The certificate includes details on the birth of a child, including the place and date of birth, parents’ names and a signature with stamp of the issuing agency.


Changing a name on a birth certificate for children up to age 12 months involves submitting forms to a state office of vital records. Changing the birth certificate name of a child, teen or adult requires filing a court petition, and a judge must issue a court order to finalize the name change. Sinc


To get a replacement birth certificate, call the county of your birth to verify the state-specific requirements, secure the correct method of payment and go to the county office or write a formal request for the replacement document. This process takes approximately one hour and requires access to a


Some birth certificates may list the time of birth, depending on where the birth certificate was issued. In the United States, birth certificates are issued by the local government, so the specific information included may vary between different states and different counties within a state.


Birth certificates are only obtainable from the state or U.S. possession where the document was originally filed. In most states, birth certificates can be ordered from a central location, states Robert Longley for About.com.


If you were born in the United States, then the state you were born in created a record of your birth and stored it with all the state’s other vital records. For convenience, all the key information related to individual births in America are easily accessible by obtaining a birth certificate. These


Birth certificates can be viewed on websites like FamilySearch.org or Ancestry.com. Be aware that results differ between states since many of them have not transferred their records online.