The Zimmerman telegram was a communication from German Foreign Secretary Arthur Zimmerman to the Mexican government meant to persuade Mexico to form an alliance with Germany during World War I. It played a vital role in ... More »

The Zimmerman Note, or Zimmerman Telegram, was a coded message sent by the Germans to Mexico on January 16, 1917, which offered Mexico U.S. territory if it helped Germany in the First World War. The telegram was intercep... More »

The primary factor in America's decision to enter World War Iwas Germany's resumption of submarine attacks on American vessels, although the Zimmerman Telegram and British war propaganda also had an impact. Although the ... More » History Modern History World War 1

Sent in 1917, the Zimmermann Telegram was a confidential message from Germany to Mexico promising Mexico territory in the United States if Mexico aided Germany should the United States enter World War I. The telegram con... More » History Modern History World War 1

According to, Germany was not a major cause of the start of World War I. In fact, it was Austria-Hungary that first declared war on Serbia, leading to the beginning of WWI. Not all countries entered into WWI at... More »

Although the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand is cited as the main cause that thrust the world into war, many causes and events led up to World War I. Some of the secondary causes include the mutual def... More »

The Zimmermann Telegram was the proximate cause of American entry to World War I. The telegram was sent in 1917 as a secret communique between Arthur Zimmermann, the German Foreign Minister, and the German embassy in Mex... More » History Modern History World War 1