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German shepherds run an average of 20 to 30 miles per hour depending on the breed. However, most German shepherds are not endurance runners and should not run more than 5 miles without proper endurance training.


German Shepherd dogs, as part of the canine family, eat standard dog food. These dogs are generally large and have high energy levels, so they need to eat more than smaller dogs.


There are multiple German Shepherd breeders in Houston, Texas. Two breeders, Renaissance Kennels and Texas Big German Shepherds, sell German Shepherd puppies and have wait lists for as yet unborn litters.


German Shepherd pups are available from German Shepherd Rescue and Adoptions of North Carolina, New York Canine and Wa-Bo German Shepherds of California. Pups of all ages are available from specialized German Shepherd rescues and shelters, while breeders generally sell young puppies.


A red German shepherd is called a liver German shepherd. Liver German shepherds can be a reddish cinnamon color or a dark chocolate color. The liver color comes from a recessive gene that prevents black pigment from being formed.


The standard adoption process for most puppies involves submitting an application, obtaining appropriate veterinary references and allowing a home visit. There is also an adoption fee that varies but is likely to be approximately $250.


There are basically three types or lines of German shepherds in the world: East German lines, Czechoslovakian lines and British lines. North America also designates the American show, American pet and German show lines; however, these are essentially descendants of the other three.


German Shepherds are not dangerous as long as they are bred in a safe, loving and caring home that promotes ethical breeding practices. These factors are important in the development of the character of the dog.


A well-trained German shepherd gets along well with other pets, including cats. However, due to the strong prey instinct of the German shepherd, it is important to socialize the breed with household pets at an early age. This, along with training, ensures that the German shepherd will not be a threa


A mix of a golden retriever and a German shepherd is called the golden shepherd. These dogs are not purebred. Instead, they are part of the designer dog hybrids.