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Decreased menstrual cramps in women. Helps men get a high sperm count. Lifts your mood from the blues. Geritol liquid can be found online, at pharmacies, and retail stores. Be sure to keep vitamins "out of the reach of children." An overdose of this vitamin can lead to poisoning; call a doctor for poisoning advice if an overdose occurs.


Geritol is a multivitamin supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals. According to geritol.com, the Geritol tonic is a liquid form of the supplement; it contains key vitamins and minerals at high potency levels. The liquid form is beneficial for those who have difficulty with swallowing pills.


Geritol is not the miracle vitamin the internet says it is. The best way you can raise your chances of getting pregnant is by practicing healthy lifestyle habits (eating healthfully and exercising ...


Geritol Complete. GENERIC NAME(S): Mv, Min #36-Iron,Carbonyl-FA, Iron-Vitamin B Complex With C. OTHER NAME(S): Geritol Complete Tablet


You will need to talk about the benefits and risks of using Geritol Complete (vitamins (multiple/oral)) while you are pregnant. Tell your doctor if you are breast-feeding. You will need to talk about any risks to your baby. How is this medicine (Geritol Complete) best taken? Use Geritol Complete (vitamins (multiple/oral)) as ordered by your ...


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Geritol Liquid has been advertised as a dietary supplement that is designed to people with essential nutrients that support energy levels. The name that stands behind this product Geritol is a brand of MEDA Pharmaceuticals, which is a subsidiary of Meda Ab, an international business that has its base of operations in Solna, Sweden, but operates with physical offices in more than 55 countries ...


Note: This document contains side effect information about multivitamin with iron. Some of the dosage forms listed on this page may not apply to the brand name Geritol.. For the Consumer. Applies to multivitamin with iron: oral capsule, oral miscellaneous, oral tablet, oral tablet extended release. Other dosage forms: oral tablet; oral liquid, oral powder, oral tablet chewable


Many women say that yes, Geritol is a great fertility booster and can really help you to get pregnant. There was even a study published back in 2006 that was conducted by Harvard Medical School, that showed that women who used iron supplements regularly had a decreased risk of ovulatory infertility.


WARNING: Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under 6.Keep this product out of reach of children. In case of accidental overdose, call a doctor or poison control center immediately. Statements on this page have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.