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George Washington Carver Facts for Kids George Washington Carver Invented over 300 uses for peanuts. George Washington Carver was born in Missouri on the Moses Carver plantation in 1864. His Parents were slaves When George was 12 years old, he left home to attend an African American school. There was only one teacher, with 75 […]


George Washington Carver Crafts and Learning Activities for kids African-American Black History Crafts, Learn more about George Washington Carver, make a collection of Gods Creation and learn how George learned through obseration and experimentation, Learn to be thrifty like George and make your own paints, and think of new games you can play using peanuts


George Washington Carver Bulletin Board for March! "Nuts About George Washington Carver!" Door Decor Project for BHM 2017 This one would make no sense for Marc's first bulletin board, but George Washington Carver was like my favorite person we learned about in elementary school. Elementary Bulletin Board Ideas, Themes, Pictures & Sayings - Page 8


George Washington Carver is one of the key characters students enjoy learning about from African American history. This lesson offers some ideas for projects that will motivate students to learn ...


Interesting Facts about George Washington Carver. Growing up George had been known as Carver's George. When he started school he went by George Carver. He later added the W in the middle telling his friends it stood for Washington. People in the south at the time called peanuts "goobers".


George Washington Carver was the man responsible for peanut butter. (#YUM!) In fact, he came up with over 300 ways to use peanuts. He was a scientist and professor. George Washington Carver was a pretty interesting person. So, it totally makes sense that he is part of our social studies curriculum in first grade.


George Washington Carver was “green” before it was cool – teaching others to recycle materials and to make the soil healthy. While he did not invent peanut butter, he did help popularize it and invented nearly 300 uses and byproducts for the peanut and dozens for the sweet potato. Many of these are still in use today.


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