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The geology of North America is a subject of regional geology and covers the North American continent, third-largest in the world. Geologic units and processes are investigated on a large scale to reach a synthesized picture of the geological development of the continent.


Over billions of years, whether Laurentia or North America, the continent took its form through many spectacular collisions and massive rifts. Here's a walk through the geologic history of North ...


North America - North America - Geologic history: Continents have collided and broken apart repeatedly over geologic time. When they separate, new ocean basins develop between the diverging pieces through the process of seafloor spreading. Spreading, which originates at oceanic ridges, is compensated (to conserve surface area on the planet) by subduction—the process whereby the seafloor ...


To a large extent, this province consists of poorly sutured microplate terrains, each with its own geologic history. How did North America come to have these provinces? To answer this, we must make an excursion into the discipline of historical geology. This lecture offers a glimpse of in through a synopsis of the history of North America.


See the physio-geologic history of North America! This video is a series of snapshots of the Western United States and North America at different times during its long geologic past.


Summaries of the major features of the geology of North America and the adjacent oceanic regions are presented. Twenty chapters include concise reviews of current thinking about Precambrian basement, Phanerozoic orogens, cratonic basins, passive-margin geology of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions, marine and terrestrial geology of the Caribbean region, marine geology of the North Atlantic ...


Time line chart. This time line of the geologic history of the United States chronologically lists important events occurring within the present political boundaries of United States (including territories) before 12,000 years ago. This time line segment may include some events that occurred outside these borders that profoundly influenced later American life and its present landscape.

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A short history of North America. Objectives Department of Geological Sciences | Indiana University (c) ... P. David Polly Paleontology and Geology of Indiana Geol G-308 Early history of the Earth GA = gigannum, or billions of years ago ... Mountains and basins of western North America and Central


The geologic history of South America can be summarized in three different developmental stages, each corresponding to a major division of geologic time. The first stage encompassed Precambrian time (about 4.6 billion to 541 million years ago) and was characterized by a complex series of ...


With a spectacularly clear look at the remnants of ancient subduction zones under North America, Sigloch and her colleague Mitch Mihalynuk have revised 200 million years of geologic history. The results of their study are published in the journal Nature. The old West