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When speaking about global geography, it is helpful to break the world map into large geographic zones. While some people and organizations refer to the seven continents as geographic zones, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security categorizes countries into specific regions.


The world is a big place, but how well do you know it? In this lesson, we're going to look at a basic overview of major world regions and see how they collectively create the world map. 2016-10-06


A map gallery showing a commonly described regions in the United States. A map with and without state abbreviations is included. A region is an area of land that has common features. A region can be defined by natural or artificial features. Language, government, or religion can define a region, as ...


The ten standard federal regions were established by OMB (Office of Management and Budget) Circular A-105, "Standard Federal Regions," in April, 1974, and required for all executive agencies.In recent years, some agencies have tailored their field structures to meet program needs and facilitate interaction with local, state, and regional counterparts.


The schema was created for statistical analysis and consists of macro-geographical regions arranged to the extent possible according to continents. Within these groupings, smaller, geographical subregions and selected economic and other groupings allow for detailed analysis.


A map of the seven major geographic regions of Texas: north Texas, east Texas, south Texas, west Texas, central Texas, the Panhandle, and the upper Gulf Coast.


North Carolina’s Regions are called or named Coastal Plain Piedmont Mountains, Names of Three North Carolina Regions Maps, Map, Geography, Photos, Photo, Pictures, Photographs of Three North Carolina Geographical Regions 3


In this lesson, we will look at geography according to the AP World History curriculum. We will identify and highlight the major geographical regions throughout the world. 2016-10-10


There are 12 California geographic and economic regions. 12 California Travel Regions - But Why 12? For practical purposes the State of California is divided into 12 travel regions to help you understand the diversity of this great state.


U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration U.S. Census Bureau Prepared by the Geography Division LEGEND N E W E N G L A N D REGION DIVISION STATE. U.S. Census Bureau Census Bureau Regions and Divisions with State FIPS Codes Region I: Northeast Region 2: Midwest* ... the Midwest Region was designated as the North Central ...