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Medical Genetics. A certification by the Board of Medical Genetics; practitioners work in association with a medical specialist, are affiliated with a clinical genetics program, or serve as a consultant to medical and dental specialists.


Research the requirements to become a genetics doctor. Learn about the job description and duties, and read the step-by-step process to start a career as a genetics doctor.


A geneticist is a biologist who studies genetics, the science of genes, heredity, and variation of organisms.. Description. A geneticist can be employed as a scientist or a lecturer.Geneticists may perform general research on genetic processes or develop genetic technologies to aid in the pharmaceutical or and agriculture industries. Some geneticists perform experiments in model organisms such ...


Genetic Doctor ? A Geneticist is a physician who specializes in genetic problems. A Geneticist performs tests on newborns to screen for genetic disorders. A Geneticist performs prenatal tests on babies' genes before birth. Also, a Geneticist performs forensic testing to identify a person as a crime suspect. What procedures does a Genetic Doctor ...


Pediatric geneticists have the training and experience to find the right diagnosis along with expertise in dealing with children and in treating children’s genetic conditions. If your pediatrician suggests that your child see a pediatric geneticist, you can be assured that your child will receive the best possible care.


Choose your state or metro area to look up Clinical Geneticists. ... Find a Clinical Geneticist . ... Choose a state or metro area below to view the list of doctors practicing near you. Locations.


For this article we will be focused on clinical genetics, those physicians who desire to work directly with patients. What is a Medical Geneticist? A medical, or clinical, geneticist focuses on a practice comprised of hereditary disorders. These doctors will diagnose and treat diseases that are caused by defects in the genes, specifically.


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To find a genetics professional in your community, you may wish to ask your doctor for a referral. If you have health insurance, you can also contact your insurance company to find a medical geneticist or genetic counselor in your area who participates in your plan.


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