Lord Charles Cornwallis, a lieutenant general of the British Army during the American Revolution, helped secure a British victory at the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse early in the war. At the conclusion of the war, Cornw... More »

The last battle of the American Revolutionary War was the Battle of Yorktown, in which General George Washington won a decisive victory over British General Cornwallis. This defeat led to the Treaty of Paris, which ended... More »

In addition to the fact that the Battle of Vicksburg was the final stage of one of the longest campaigns of the American Civil War, it was also as decisive a victory as the Battle of Gettysburg. The Confederate surrender... More »

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The Battle of Saratoga was a key victory for the Americans in the Revolutionary War. Consisting of two conflicts fought 18 days apart, the battle convinced France to join the war in support of the American cause. More »

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General George Washington started the Battle of Yorktown when he led a force of 17,000 Continental and French forces to besiege General Lord Charles Cornwallis and his 9,000 British troops in Yorktown, Virginia on Septem... More »

A combined force of troops from the American Continental Army and the French Army, the former led by General George Washington and the latter by the Comte de Rochambeau, won the Battle of Yorktown against British Army tr... More »

The American colonists won the Battle of Saratoga against the British Army and its German allies. Though the British won the first encounter on Sept. 19, 1777, they lost when they attacked again on Oct. 7. More »