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General discharge refers to the administrative discharge of a military man or woman who does not qualify for an honorable discharge. A general discharge is not a punitive discharge. Hence, it does not deprive the service man or woman of any inherent rights provided for those who received honorable discharges and need not be imposed as the ...


The general discharge order signals to the world that the debtor (the person who filed the bankruptcy case) did what he or she was required to do under the bankruptcy laws and in turn is relieved of the obligation to pay any more on the debts that are dischargeable.


The Navy Personnel Manual allows sailors to request a discharge for education in excess of 90 days, but the approval authority for a 90 day (or less) discharge is the commanding officer (special court-martial authority), and for discharges for more than 90 days before the normal separation date, it goes all the way up to the commander of the ...


Your statement “You can receive The post 9/11 GI Bill on a general discharge” is not true.If you had only served one term, and received a General discharge, you would not get to use your Post 9/11 GI Bill. The only reason you can use yours is due to you having served at least one term after September 10, 2001 that ended in an Honorable discharge.


A military review board must be convinced the original discharge was improper or inconsistent with service policies and traditions. An applicant can request a review based solely on his or her military records, or ask for a hearing before the board. Getting a general discharge upgraded to honorable can increase Veterans Administration benefits.


Title 10, United States Code, Section 1553 is the law governing upgrading military discharges.This statute authorizes the secretary of the service concerned to "establish a board of review, consisting of five members, to review the discharge or dismissal (other than a discharge or dismissal by sentence of a general court-martial) of any former member of an armed force under the jurisdiction o...


A general discharge indicates satisfactory service but not to the established standard of the Navy. Honorable Discharge To receive an honorable discharge, you must have received a rating from good to excellent for your service to the Navy.


General Discharge. If a service member’s performance is satisfactory but the individual failed to meet all expectations of conduct, the discharge is considered a general discharge. To receive a general discharge from the military, there has to be some form of nonjudicial punishment to correct unacceptable military behavior.


General Discharge. I am a former Marine... I am a former Marine with a General Discharge with a Separation code HKK1 and REENTRY CODE RE-4B. My question is can I upgrade my discharge to honorable so I can join the Army? Show More. Show Less. Ask Your Own Military Law Question.


A General Discharge is a separation under honorable conditions based on a military record being satisfactory but not sufficiently meritorious to warrant an Honorable Discharge. A discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions is based upon a pattern of behavior that constitutes a significant departure from the conduct expected of a soldier.