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Gene therapy is an experimental technique performed by replacing a mutated gene with a healthy copy of the gene as an alternative to surgery or medications. It is designed to make a beneficial protein or introduce new genes to mutated cells to compensate for a patient's abnormal genes, explains Gene


Though still experimental, gene therapy fixes genetic defects and potentially reduces the need for drugs, radiation or surgical intervention. Replacing bad genes with good ones may eventually cure Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer and many other diseases.


According to Genetics Home Reference, gene therapy requires the use of healthy genes to treat illnesses. Instead of a person undergoing surgery, genes are introduced to a patient's body to replace corrupted DNA. Another method is to inactivate negative genes instead of replacing them.


Some pipeline right-of-way jobs include right-of-way agents, appraisers and land agents. Right-of-way companies operate like any other company, so they also have managers and directors. The most common job is the right-of-way agent who specializes in pipeline integrity.


Magellan Pipeline Company, Mid-American Pipeline and Plains All-American Pipeline are examples of major pipeline companies, as of 2015. Other major companies include Phillips 66 Pipeline Company and Sunoco Pipeline Company.


Finding pipeline job openings involves checking for job vacancies on pipeline job websites and searching for jobs through pipeline labor unions. Be sure to have the qualifications needed to become a pipeline worker before attempting to search for the job. However, various pipeline jobs have differen


Sales pipeline management is a business practice that involves closely monitoring and tracking the sales process of a company, typically through some form of technology or program. The specific systems and practices may vary between companies, but the main objective is to ensure that each lead recei


Pipeline maps are documents that show the locations of industrial pipelines in a given area. Industrial pipelines carry volatile liquid substances such as crude or refined oil and natural gas. Maps display them separately from sewer lines and water mains.


Keystone XL and Rockies Express pipelines are the longest oil and gas pipelines in the United States as of 2015. Pipelines are the most economical way for companies to transport oil and gas from drilling sites to refineries.


Common pipeline jobs include construction, welding, pipe fitting, engineering and general labor. An entry-level position as a general laborer on a pipeline may require as little as a high-school diploma and basic skills, according to the Houston Chronicle, while other positions require more specific