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Also referred to as gene migration, gene flow is the introduction of genes from one population to the gene pool of another population. This process changes the composition of the gene pool of the receiving population. Good examples of gene flow include the movement of pollen grains from one plant to


Heat therapy, also known as thermotherapy, refers to the use of heat for relieving pain, according to Wheat Bags Australia. Heat therapy is a safe alternative to medication for muscle and joint pain. Heat increases blood flow by opening blood vessels, which increases oxygen supply to the affected ar


Genes carry the information necessary to synthesize proteins, which are manufactured in the organelles surrounding the nucleus of a cell. Specialized sections of RNA transcribe the instructions from the genes and carry them out to the cell for production.


Genes are the complete DNA instructions for the construction of a protein. Each gene is composed of groups of three nucleotides called codons. Each codon instructs the cell to add a particular amino acid to the assembling protein.


Action therapy, also called action-oriented therapy, is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on practical solutions to mental health problems. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most commonly used forms of action therapy.


A DNA microchip or gene chip is a tiny chip that has many single strands of the DNA from a specific gene attached to it. Sometimes a microchip has more than one gene's DNA on it or different variations of a gene. It is used to test for gene mutations, such as the ones that are thought to be responsi


Genes are individual segments of DNA and chromosomes are structures which contain many genes packed together. Each chromosome contains one DNA molecule and each DNA molecule contains several genes or individual strands.


A terminator gene is a generic term used to describe the laboratory-modified genes of plants that can render the seeds of the plant sterile. It is part of a broader section of the biotechnology industry known as genetic-use-restriction technology.


Each cell of a living organism contains a set of instructions that explains how to build the various components of the plant, animal, fungus or bacteria. DNA is the substance that living things use to carry these instructions. DNA groups itself in discrete clusters that supply the code for a given t


People who practice urine therapy use their own urine to treat various medical conditions and other concerns, according to MedicineNet. Although there is no scientific basis for urine therapy, some people drink urine, massage urine into their skin, irrigate their sinuses with urine or otherwise appl