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This article will cover the benefits of getting a gel pedicure. We’ll also touch on a gel pedicure vs. regular pedicure, so you can determine which treatment will fit your needs the best. If you’re someone who frequently gets manicures or pedicures, knowing what to expect is important for the overall safety and health of your feet and toenails.


What's the step-by-step of getting a gel pedicure? A gel pedicure is very similar—if not identical—to a gel manicure. "The basic outline is cutting the nails, lightly soaking the feet, cutting ...


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Those subtle classy toes peeking out beneath a sandal may look like they’re flashing just ordinary polish, but in fact they could be secretly showcasing the newest trend in feet — gel toes. Using gels on toenails can help keep pedicures looking fresh and clean while preventing them from chipping. It’s also a great way to increase your ...


No its not particularly bad for your nails, hands or feet. When you have a 3 week polish it is best to use a cuticle oil regularly, ideally 2-3 times a day but as often as you remember! This feeds the nails and keeps them strong while the polish is on. ... Search Treatwell for Gel Nails Manicure near you. Search Treatwell.


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Our Favorite Pedicure Colors Now: Daily Beauty Reporter : Why, hello there, open-toe season! (We thought you’d never come.) After what felt like a never-ending streak of cold weather, leggings, and boots, this week marked the big unveiling of our toes (yay!).


Want to know exactly how to remove gel nail polish at home without damaging your nails? Learn how to take gel polish off safely with our step-by-step guide, which includes commentary from nail ...


hey ladies so here is a video on how to apply gel polish to your toes.. for long lasting polish for up to 1 month... yasssss 1 month... if you need more details or want more videos please comment ...


The best time to do your gel toe nails is after you have given your feet a soak in a bath, foot spa or bowl of soapy water. This way all the dead skin has been softened and is easily removed as well as making cutting your toenails a lot easier. You will find that your pedicure will last far longer after giving your feet some TLC.