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Many new products come with a warranty, or a guarantee that the manufacturer repairs or replaces the product for free if it breaks or proves defective within a certain period of time after purchase. Registering a General Electric product lets GE know who owns that specific item.


Contact GE customer service by email, phone or live chat on its website, GE Appliances. To find support options, click on the Service & Support tab and then the Contact Us tab from the website's home page, notes GE Appliances.


The problems covered by the warranty on a GE refrigerator vary from model to model, as not all models come with the same warranty. Full details of what is covered are available in the written warranty in the product's Use and Care Manual.


Owners of General Electric appliances under warranty can register their appliances at the GE Appliances website. While registering an appliance makes it easier to get customer support from GE, failure to register doesn't void the warranty.


To claim the warranty for a GE water heater, call GE at the number listed in the product's owner's manual. As of 2015, for GE indoor tankless waters, the service number is 1-888-468-9837. For GE GeoSpring hybrid electric water heaters, it's 1-888-443-4394.


Warranties on GE Dishwashers range from one year to lifetime depending on the dishwasher model, although all units offer a full one-year warranty that begins on the date of purchase. Under the one-year warranty, GE will provide free labor and replacement of defective unit parts.


As of 2015, consumers can purchase extended warranties on GE appliances online from the Assurant Solutions website. To access the extended protection plans, users start on the GE Appliances website, click on Support, scroll down to Extended Service Plans and click on the link to Assurant Solutions.


As of 2015, GE does not offer an extended warranty with purchase of an appliance. An extended warranty must be purchased from an authorized third party.


GE dryers have warranties that covers repairs for a specified period of time, which may vary by model. Extended warranty and service programs may cover repairs for a longer period of time. Basic warranty information is available in the care and service manual that comes with the dryer.


If the warranty information for a GE Profile microwave is lost, it is possible to find them in the product's owner's manual on the GE website, as of 2015. It is also possible to obtain warranty service by providing the original proof of purchase.