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Contact GE customer service by email, phone or live chat on its website, GE Appliances. To find support options, click on the Service & Support tab and then the Contact Us tab from the website's home page, notes GE Appliances.


Sears and Best Buy's Geek Squad offer repair services on GE appliances, including ovens. Service appointments can be scheduled online or by telephone. Owners of GE ovens can also schedule repair services directly through the GE website.


As of March 2015, both the GE Appliances website and Sears Home Services website offer repairs for GE dryers. Both websites have online registration as well as a phone number to call if a customer has any questions.


Free email addresses are provided to users for no monetary charge. Many email address providers offer free email addresses to anyone who wants one. These providers include Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.


There are many free email services such as Gmail and Hotmail that provide free email addresses to users. These email services are referred to as web-based email services.


People can do searches for email in public directories, previous correspondence and using sites like addresses.com. This searchable directory has the largest databases of email addresses in the world.


To look up someone’s email address, an email finder service such as emailfinder.com may be helpful. Other ways to find an email address include using a popular search engine or searching newsgroups.


Email addresses have the format someone@somewhere.something. The "@somewhere.something" part is called the domain. Sites like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail provide the domain, allowing users to personalize the "someone" portion. In order to customize the rest, one must own the domain.


To find an old email address from an email from an Internet service provider, call the provider, and say that you have forgotten your email account. Other email services, such as Yahoo and Gmail, provide online account recovery processes for users who have forgotten their user names.


Delivering great customer service to consumers involves adhering to principles, such as being a good listener, making customer needs a top priority, and making customers feel important. When things go wrong, apologize and do whatever it takes to resolve the problem. Another aspect of good customer s