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As of 2015, you can find the exact location of the model number on your GE refrigerator by using the Find Your Model and Serial Numbers tool at GEAppliances.com. Click on the type of refrigerator that you own to see instructions for finding the serial number, detailed diagrams and videos.


GE appliance parts are available on the websites for The Home Depot, Sears PartsDirect and PartSelect. These websites provide shoppers with lists of replacement parts for different GE appliances accompanied by their prices, as of 2015.


GE's Appliance Park was built in 1951 in Louisville, Kentucky. At its inception, it was a self-sustaining city that provided for itself enough that, by 1952, the U.S. Postal Service granted Appliance Park its own zip code.


Specs for GE products are found on the GE Appliances website under the "Build With GE" section. To locate specific products, a search function is available that allows users to search by product model number. For those without a product number available, a browse feature is available by product cate


General Electric sells touch-up paint for its brands on the GE Appliances parts website as of 2015. The company recommends confirming the original model color before making a purchase.


GE appliances can be repaired by both GE itself and by Sears Home Services. In the case of Sears Home Services, its website states that it is able to repair almost any brand of appliance, no matter where a customer purchased it.


Some GE appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, cooktops and ovens are considered the most durable on the market, according to Consumer Reports. GE top- and bottom-freezer style refrigerators are more prone to repairs than Whirlpool or Kenmore, but the GE French-door style refrigerator has an A ra


GE appliance rebates can be found on the company's official website. Customers can search the websites for rebates and other special offers available for their product and in their area by using the rebate search feature.


GE appliance stores do not sell replacement parts for their appliances. However, certified third-party dealers such as Lowe's and Home Depot sell replacement parts for GE appliances. Also, GEAppliances.com sells replacements parts directly from GE.


Owners of General Electric appliances under warranty can register their appliances at the GE Appliances website. While registering an appliance makes it easier to get customer support from GE, failure to register doesn't void the warranty.