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Gatekeeping is a function of controlling information, which, in part determines who holds power via mass communication. This is due to gatekeeping being the determination of what appears in popular media via the selection of particular messages from otherwise countless sources of information.


A media gatekeeper is a journalist or editor who is tasked with the responsibility of filtering information before it is published, broadcast or posted on the Web. Originally, the job of the media gatekeeper was mainly focused on the mass media, but it has transitioned toward face-to-face communicat


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Gatekeeping Theory describes the powerful process through which events are covered by the mass media, explaining how and why certain information either passes through gates or is closed off from ...


ABSTRACT: Gatekeeping theory, one of the original theories to come from mass communication research, has remained important since its debut shortly after World War II. While not necessarily the most interesting or controversial of mass communication


the hundreds of messages that reach a given person on a given day.” 1 Gatekeeping as a theory of communications began with Lewin’s (1951) work on community dynamics, and a notion of gatekeeping that was laid out in terms of food consumption — the 2 1 This is the narrower version of gatekeeping, at least. A broader view considers not just ...


Gatekeeping Theory from Social Fields to Social Networks David DeIuliis deiuliisd@duq.edu 1. Intellectual Origins of Gatekeeping Theory A. Lewin and field theory The father of gatekeeping theory is Kurt Lewin (Shoemaker & Vos, 2009). Born in Poland in 1890 and raised in Berlin, Lewin was a pioneer of applied psy-chology in the United States ...


Gatekeeping Theory Author : Pamela J. Shoemaker ISBN : 9781135860608 Genre : Social Science File Size : 21. 8 MB Format : PDF, Mobi Download : 335 Read : 713 Get This Book


Towards a Networked Gatekeeping Theory: Journalism, News Diffusion, and Democracy in a Networked Media Environment A DISSERTATION SUBMITTED TO THE FACULTY OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA BY Thomas John Ernste IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Adviser: Dan Sullivan January 2014