Standard gas cylinder sizes vary according to the purpose of the gas cylinder, such as the #100 size for propane and the #5 for carbon dioxide. High-pressure oxygen gas cylinders range from 20 CF to 300 CF sizes. More » Home & Garden Outdoor

The fuel tank capacity of a GMC Envoy XL 6-cylinder is approximately 25 gallons. Coupled with the average fuel economy of 17 miles per gallon, the GMC Envoy XL manages to achieve approximately 425 miles per full tank. More »

Medical oxygen cylinder manufacturers use letters to differentiate cylinder sizes. For example, "D" cylinders, the most prevalent size, typically contain between 300 liters and 350 liters of oxygen, although some may hav... More »

Wire mesh comes in hundreds of sizes, and it is complicated to choose the desired size. The most important thing to remember is the spacing-opening-diameter relationships: spacing equals wire diameter plus opening size, ... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

Aluminum carbon dioxide tanks are available for purchase on, and as of 2015. has a wide selection of tanks, including the Guerrilla 12-ounce tank that is suit... More » Home & Garden Outdoor

There are many different sizes of propane tanks, but the tanks commonly used for backyard barbecues weigh 37 to 38 pounds when full. Manufacturers stamp the weight of the empty tank on its collar after the letters "TW." ... More »

According to the Godfrey Propane Co. of Arlington, Texas, 120-gallon propane tanks, which hold 100 gallons of the gas, are primarily used to operate cooktop stoves, fireplaces and hot tubs. The vertical 120-gallon tank i... More »