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The average cost of a therm of natural gas changes on a regular basis due to fluctuating energy prices. In February 2015, for example, the average cost of a therm of utility gas was $1.087, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One year previously, the price averaged $1.175.


According to ConsumerReports.org, the top brands of gas heaters as of 2015 are American Standard, Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, Rheem and Trane, with no statistically significant differences in quality among them. The brands can be compared on their website, where many criteria by which to judge gas heat


Average gas bills vary based on location. In 2014, New York City gas bills ranged from $15 per month to $100 per month. Gas bills become more expensive in larger homes, and a two-bedroom home can have a gas bill as high as $150 per month.


To compare natural gas rates between competing providers, visit the website of the state agency in your state that oversees that region's gas market. Some state agencies publish current rates from different providers. To compare different rates within the same company, visit that company's website t


Samsung gas ranges are some of the top-rated gas ranges on the market, according to 2014 reviews at Consumer Reports. Three Samsung NX-series ranges topped the ratings, with models from LG, Frigidaire and Kenmore also on the list of best gas ranges.


The best gas range at any price is the Kenmore Elite 78923, according to Good Housekeeping, noted for it's versatile dual ovens. Their pick for budget ranges is the GE JGB800SEPSS, with fast and even heating, a griddle burner and a warmer underneath the oven.


The single-oven LG LRG3095ST and double-oven LG LDG3036ST received high marks at ConsumerSearch.com for all-around performance and features. Reviewers also liked the Whirlpool WFG540H0A as a good alternative for the budget-conscious and recommended the Whirlpool WFG510S0A among basic models.


Find cheap gas rates by inquiring from fellow drivers, watching or listening to gas related news and checking through online websites dedicated to giving information regarding gas rates. Gas prices usually vary depending on issues such as supply and general economic behavior.


Annual fuel utilization efficiency is the method of rating gas furnaces, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The Federal Trade Commission requires all new furnaces, regardless of fuel type, to display an AFUE rating to allow consumers to make informed decisions.


The highest rated gas furnace of 2015 is Amana AMVC95/ACVC9, followed by the Bryant 315AAV. According to TopTenReviews.com, its efficiency overshoots the minimum acceptable industry furnace rating of 78.