does publish diesel prices, which are accessed by using the regular gas price charts. When selecting a state or city, the price listings default to regular gas. Selecting the Diesel Fuel tab on the upper rig... More » Geography

Crude oil costs are the largest factor in retail diesel prices, accounting for 57 percent of diesel's price in 2014, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Other factors for diesel's price include the cos... More » Geography

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Gas Buddy is a website that tracks gas prices throughout the United States and Canada. It begins by listing average gas prices, from low to high, for each state and for selected cities. It also shows recent gas price tre... More » Geography

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Drivers can easily locate the lowest gas prices in their area using a mobile app such as GasBuddy. Many gas finder apps, as well as multi-purpose driving apps like Waze, derive their information from other users. The acc... More » Geography

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