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Because diesel fuel is heavier than gasoline, it can sink to the bottom of your gas tank, resulting in the injection of both gas and diesel into the intake manifold or the cylinder. Depending on the mix, you can get partially-burned diesel fuel which leaves bigtime deposits on pistons, valves and spark plugs.


As has been said, petrol (gasoline) and diesel fuel mix readily, and the mixture makes arson real easy. Wikipedia states : Some (diesel) car makers were recommending adding up to 20% gasoline to permit operation in cold weather. Winter diesel fuel...


Whether you’re new to diesel ownership or might have both diesel and gasoline powered vehicles in your own personal fleet, it can be oh-so-easy to accidentally misfuel your diesel tank with gasoline. Filling a fuel tank is such an ordinary and mundane task, that just a moment’s inattention (did you really need to read that text message?) can cause you to grab the wrong nozzle and pump away.


Tom Gorak's Dodge M-37 after adding a little diesel fuel to clean out his fuel line.


Accidental Mixing of Gasoline and Diesel. ... Diesel in gasoline will generally cause the engine to either not start at all of run very poorly. There is no acceptable amount of diesel in gasoline, although the engine will likely run if the amount of diesel is only 1 or 2% of total.


Ok so I was just told that mixing diesel with gas at the ratio of 1 pint of diesel to 10 gallons of gas helps lubricate the motor, (electric )fuel pumps and combat the issues that ethanol creates with gaskets, etc. clearly it should not be used on newer cars due to catalytic converters.


Mixing Drip Torch Fuel. Drip torch fuel is a mixture of diesel fuel and gasoline. Gasoline helps carry the flame from the drip torch to the ground, diesel fuel provides a longer, residual burn time. When mixing fuel in drip torches, use 50% diesel fuel to 50% gasoline, in average (mild) temperatures.


in my unfortunate experience of putting diesel into my gas tank, diagnosing the problem was made more difficult by the fact that the two mix together in a way that they are very hard to tell apart.


Best Answer: Gasoline and diesel will mix together readily when mixed together, just like any other petroleum product will. If you think about it for a minute it's very simple as to why. Originally they were both mixed together in the form of crude oil. then through distillation and other more complicated ...


Diesel & petrol have different specific gravities, (Diesel is denser) so do they mix. The petrol was poured in first with the diesel 2nd.