Garmin map updates are not free. The company offers a one-time purchase or a lifetime map upgrade purchase for users of its compatible GPS devices. More »

Individuals can update a Canadian map on a Garmin Nuvi GPS device through the Garmin Express application or by copying the map file to the device's hard drive directly. The Garmin Express software is available for both W... More »

To update a Garmin device, install the company's WebUpdater software on your computer, and connect your Garmin device to the computer. You need a compatible Garmin device and the Garmin Express and WebUpdater software. More » Technology

To update your Garmin Nuvi GPS for free, download a map update within the first 90 days of using the device through the Garmin nüMaps Guarantee and install the update to your device, as of 2015. Another option is downloa... More »

Some GPS units that offer lifetime map updates include the Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT and the TomTom Go 500. These devices also feature lifetime traffic updates that inform users of traffic jams and suggest routes to avoid them... More » Technology Computers & Hardware

Internal operating software updates for most Garmin devices are available through either Garmin Express or the WebUpdater, which are both on the Garmin website, as of 2015. Map updates are also on the Garmin website unde... More » Technology

Garmin quick-start manuals are included free in every Garmin device package, and complete owner’s manuals are available for free download on the Garmin website. Quick-start manuals provide basic operating instructions fo... More » Business & Finance Credit & Lending