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Nermal is known as Garfield's main and direct nemesis in the Garfield franchise. Nermal's Gender. Some fans have mistaken Nermal for a female kitten because of his eyelashes, his seemingly feminine personality, and the feminine-sounding tone of his voice on Garfield and Friends.


Ive read Garfield for a good number of my life. And it is a fact that Nermal is a boy. Although when i first saw nermal introduced. It had be fooled. Believe what the others are saying that Nermal is a male.


Garfield's gender changed 20 times on Wikipedia after a user dug up a quote from the comic's creator that “he’s not really male or female.”


Nermal was introduced as a kitten belonging to Jon’s parents, but now he’s just a neighborhood cat who simply wanders into Garfield’s house to annoy the crabby tabby. Trivia: On the Garfield and Friends TV show, Nermal’s voice was provided by a woman, leading to fan confusion over whether he was a boy or girl kitten.


Meme Status Submission Year 2017 Origin Twitter Tags debate, gender, garfield About. Garfield Gender Debate refers to the heated online discussion surrounding the gender of the American cartoon character Garfield, which was brought into question by American podcaster Virgil Texas in late February 2017.. Origin. On February 23rd, 2017, Virgil Texas tweeted a message declaring that Garfield is ...


Garfield is a monstrous and vicious version of the Jim Davis character of the same name. He is also the main antagonist of the Garfield Gameboy'd series. Garfield used to be a small orange cat and the pet of Jon Arbuckle. However, one day he presumably got infected by a hostile parasite and starting becoming thirsty for blood. He attacked Jon's friend and former roommate; Lyman, but ultima...


Sorry if I misled anyone with some very weak arguments in my previous videos I hope this cleared everything up and you guys now have clear heads and please stay around don't leave because of my ...


You know, Garfield, the cat that loves being lazy, hates Mondays, hates Nermal, and believes that gender is a spectrum. This has inspired an impassioned conversation on the entry’s Talk page ...


Louis is a friendly, cuddly, timid, gold-brown mouse, who often helps Garfield and is rewarded with macadamia nut cookies. He invades Jon's house. In Garfield: The Movie, the silence was broken by the sound of squeaking. It was a mouse and his name was Louis. When Jon spotted the mouse, he exclaimed "Mouse!" Garfield also spotted him. He begins to run, Jon also runs and tries to catc...


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