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Garter Snake Facts: Garter snakes are the most common snake in North America. All garter snakes, regardless of base color, have a side and a back stripe. The name “garter snake” comes from the comparison of the serpent to the garters men wore years ago to hold up their stockings.


Getting Rid of Garter Snakes. To get rid of garter snakes if you're not afraid of them, grab them by the neck (07/10/2007) By austin Lipscomb. Getting Rid of Garter Snakes Just pick it up by it's neck and remove it from your house if you don;t want it inside. Are you going to tell me you're afraid of tiny bugs too?


Garter snake is a common name for the nearly harmless, small to medium-sized snakes belonging to the genus Thamnophis. Endemic to North America, species in the genus Thamnophis can be found from the subarctic plains of Canada to Central America. The common garter snake, Thamnophis sirtalis, is the state reptile of Massachusetts.


How to Get Rid of Garter Snakes. Whether they are a nuisance or you are just frightened by their presence, garter snakes can be driven away. Let’s look at how to get rid of snakes around the house. Prevention is best. Go around your home and close up any cracks or holes where snakes could enter and work to make your home snake proof.


The garter snake is abundant in the eastern United States; it is the state reptile of Massachusetts.While no snakes are known to be native of Alaska, a road-killed specimen of a garter snake was ...


While cleaning the junk pile in the back yard I stumbled upon a terrifying sight. A huge nest of Garter Snakes and Texas Brown Snakes!!!!!


Here is a video we took a few years back with my old phone of a hole in the ground full of garter snakes


The snakes that are in your yard are not dangerous to your family or pets, but there are just a few steps from the garden to your property. So, getting rid of snakes that are in the garden is of top importance as well. If there is nothing you could start with, use some of our tips to make sure the reptiles have gone for good.


Don't feel dejected if you have been searching high and low for eastern garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis) eggs. You won't find any. Unlike most snakes, Thamnophis sirtalis is an ovoviviparous creature. Female garter snakes bear live babies. All garter snakes, vipers and boas bear live young.


Dealing with Black Snakes Around Your Home or Garden We’ve got two black rat snakes living in our barn, and I recently encountered one of them on a morning walk. This is the only time I’ve seen them so boldly out in the open.