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There are over 200 species of gardenias. In Florida, varieties of Gardenia jasminoides are used almost exclusively. Many cultivars are available and there is considerable variation in form, flower type, and plant size. Because of this, gardenias can be used as specimen plantings, hedges, or even as groundcovers. Planting and Care


A large hedge of these wonderful shrubs may be too much to bear for some people when the plants are blooming madly. The luscious scent of gardenias has made them a classic favorite all over the world for corsages and cut flowers, and having one of these fragrant shrubs in the yard is often a dream come true for newcomers to South Florida.


Gardenia Care For Florida Landscaping. Gardenia plants produce white flowers and are popular in Florida landscapes. Some types bloomig throughout the growing season, from spring to fall, Gardenia are captivating with their fragance and color. If the smell is a bit overwhelming to you, they can be located farther out in your landscape.


The gardenia is an evergreen shrub that grow from 2 to 15 feet tall. Although the dark green foliage is attractive, the plant is grown for its flower, a white, fragrant bloom that appears in the spring. Gardenias grow well in Florida’s warmth and humidity and can be used as accent plantings, hedges and container ...


Boasting intensely fragrant, white blossoms up to 5 inches in diameter, the gardenia struggles unless growing conditions are just right. In U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, the plant thrives outdoors, but in colder climates, treat it as a houseplant or grow it in containers and bring indoors during winter.


Prune/shape your Gardenia plant when it is dormant, to promote branching and compact growth; When transplanting Gardenias, use a soil mixture of two parts peat moss, one part sterilized houseplant potting soil, and one part sand or perlite. Propagate Gardenias in early spring with 3-4 in. (7-10 cm) stem cuttings just below a leaf node.


University of Florida: Growing Gardenias In Florida About the Author Melody Lee holds a degree in landscape design, is a Florida Master Gardener, and has more than 30 years of gardening experience.


To care for gardenias, place them in a well-lit area that receives direct sunlight half of the day. Water your gardenias once a week or whenever the soil around them is dry. You should also fertilize your gardenias once in the spring and once in the summer, which will help them grow healthy and strong.


Gardenias produced for south Florida should be grafted, because plants grafted onto Gardenia thunbergia are superior to "own root" ones. Cuttings can be taken any time during the year, but are most successful in June, July, and August. Gardenia thunbergia can be propagated from seeds or cuttings.


ALL ABOUT GARDENIAS - Details about different varieties and how to grow Gardenias. In this video I show several different varieties of Gardenias, including Kleims Hardy, Radicans, Frost Proof ...